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Nusii has always stood for simplicity, no distractions, no complications. We aim to acheive this as a product and as a brand. Throughout this style guide you’ll see exactly how we acheive this.

Nusii Logo in White
nusii logo in green

Company description

Here at Nusii, we know the power of the proposal. With over 30 years of combined experience, we’ve tried every way there is to create, track, deliver and manage proposals…

And most of them suck.

Using Word, InDesign, Pages or any of the other clunky “solutions” is a nightmare. After years of spending far too much time working on proposals, rather than spending time with our clients, we chose to find a better way.

Which lead us to build Nusii – We needed a solution that was fast, easy, and manageable. And we know you do too.

Color Palette

nusii green color palette


Nusii blue color palette


Nusii sky blue color palete


Nusii Pink color palette


Nusii grey color palette


Nusii fonts


Nusii’s icons are custom designed. Should you need a particular icon, feel free to download our pack. 

Nusii Icons
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